The Future of Counter-Strike (Again)

Many years ago,  somewhere between 2008 and 2009 – 19 year old me was contemplating the future of Counter-Strike. This was before CS:GO, the excitement of a new addition to my favorite PC shooter was all I could think about. I pondered vehicles, rocket launchers, and many other types of innovation. You can imagine the disappointment when what we were actually met with were skins and loot crates. 

Though not all was lost, CS:GO innovated it self and gave us an ever evolving competitive experience. With Ranked matches, expanded casual play,  (somewhat) improved anti-cheat technology, and even BR! From casual to serious players, we had an in-game hub to get together and play. Even if the servers are low tic rates. 

But here we are again eight years later pondering what is next for Counter-Strike. The rumor mill would say “Counter-Strike: Source 2”. The real question on my mind is of course further innovation. Does CS even need real, deep, innovation? Do the fan’s and players just want classic CS rules and tactics. Its entirely a possibility that CS will always be a somewhat bare bones game of whits and aim. Leaving the skill gap determination to reaction speed and in game IQ. 

Games are nipping at the heels of the once and current titan of competitive FPS. Mainly Riots “Valorant”. With so much added depth but keeping the same core values that CS has established in game play, there is a  possibility that my once beloved title will be dethroned. There may be a world where these game co-exist and I see a lot of CS streamers playing and testing the game out. The general consensus is that Valorant is a whole lot of fun. 

So maybe I never got vehicles or rocket launchers, but I got what I needed. Counter Strike will always be the original team based competitive shooter of my childhood and early adult life. Will we ever get a new Counter Strike? Will they challenge Valorant? Can they compete? Only time will tell. For now we get to enjoy both. 



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