Stress and Burnout and How it is Affecting Top CSGO teams Right Now

With ELEAGUE and the Esports Championship Series joining the field, CSGO experienced tremendous growth over the last year. It repeatedly proved far more challenging for players to manage through each new tournament.

Competing in LANs and participating in online tournaments are, to be precise, a small portion of the overall play of professional teams of CSGO. Players also have to undertake training camps, scrimmages, and long hours of practice sessions, but the workload is what results in burnout and stress.

Professional CSGO Players Suffering from Burnout Calling the Quits

Olofmeister and the FaZe Clan released a recent statement, mentioning a lack of motivation to keep competing. The decision came shortly prior to CSGO Summit 6. Unexpectedly, the announcement of Olofmeister taking a break came soon after the prior decision of stepping down by gla1ve from team Astralis. Both of them listed burnout and lack of concentration as factors leading to their actions.

Moreover, Astralis’ Xyp9x also just confirmed that he would be taking a break from CSGO and move out of Astralis because of burnout and emotional stress. According to My Situation report, xyp9x mentioned about the tension he was feeling, and stating that he wants to prioritize his health and safety.

In a rather short period, the withdrawal of the above-mentioned big names raises serious concerns. Also, with several suspended and compulsory online competitions, many players tend to be feeling the pressure to succeed. The main issue, nevertheless, remains as health and well-being of the players itself.

How do you think players should deal with burnout and pressure to perform? Please share your comments with us.

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