ESL One: Road to Rio – Movistar vs. Faze Clan

After witnessing the mayhem that we saw in the first three match-ups, it was now time for the most anticipated matchup of the day. The one between FaZe Clan and Movistar Riders. Both these teams have been playing incredibly in the tournament so far. FaZe Clan with a total of 2 wins out of the 2 played, currently sits at the number 1 spot in Group B, However, Movistar Riders is sitting just underneath them in the table with a total of 2 wins out of the 2 played. Their track records are the same.

As a result, not only was this a thrilling match-up, it was also the decider for the number 1 spot on the table. And so, with this level of excitement in the air, the voting rounds begun. Movistar decided on removing Dust2 and Nuke, while Faze chose to get rid of Vertigo, and Train. In the end, the maps that were chose were Overpass, Mirage, and the final map which was leftover, Inferno.

So, with the voting now done, it was time to head into the first game. It was now time for Overpass, the map which Movistar Riders picked. And well, from what we saw, we now know why they picked it. They were absolute beasts. Though, FaZe tried to give them a fight but it wasn’t enough. In the end, Movistar Riders came out on top with a final score of 16:9.

That said, it was now time for the map which was chosen by the Faze Clan, Mirage. However, even though it was chosen by FaZe, Movistar seemed to be the ones dominating till the 7th round, where the score stood at 6:1. But from there on out, things started to take a turn for the worse for the Movistar Riders. FaZe quickly bounced backed, ending the first half at 8:7. The second half was a completely different story. It was as if FaZe was waiting for their chance to become Counter-Terrorists. They completely mauled over the Riders, beating them with a final score of 9:16.

With one win each, it was now time for the decider. The third and final game of the matchup. It was time for Inferno. Both teams look pumped but right after the first round, there was an obvious winner. FaZe Clan just looked much more confident with their plays and that showed in the game. They were killing of Movistar players left right and center, or this case, A, B, and Mid. The Riders did try to give them a run for their money but it wasn’t enough. In the end, with a final score of 7:16, FaZe came out victorious.

With 4 wins out of the 4 played, FaZe Clan is surely of the teams to watch. Hopefully, this streak is going to live on. Meanwhile, things aren’t over for the Movistar as their track record is still pretty good. They have time to recover. Maybe, well see some gameplay changes in the coming days. But while we wait for that to happen, comment below and let us know what you think of this matchup, do you think FaZe Clan deserved it?

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