ESL ONE: ROAD TO RIO – Heretics vs. Complexity

With the final match of ESL One: Road to Rio Europe Division Match Day 3 now over, its time for our official recap of the matchup between Team Heretics and Complexity. Before going into the game, Team Heretics was sitting comfortably at the number 2 spot, just underneath NiP with a track record of 2 out of 2 in the Group Stage rounds. Complexity, on the other hand, was performing so well. They have failed to secure a single win in the tournament so far, which meant that the stakes were much higher for Complexity than they were for Heretics.

So, with that level of intensity, we went to the voting stage of the match-up. The results from the voting stage ended with Heretics picking Nuke and Complexity choosing Mirage. The third map that was left out was Dust 2.
So, with the maps now decided, the teams went into the first map of the best of three, Nuke. The map chosen by Team Heretics and well, after witnessing the first five rounds, we knew exactly why they picked this as their map. They destroyed Complexity with a final score of 16:7. It was complete domination.

With Heretics already securing one win, it was now or never for Complexity. If they lost this game, their run in the tournament was over. That said, Complexity showed the world that they still had some fight left in them. Mirage’s first half ended with a score of 12:3, with Complexity leading with a massive lead. But Heretics didn’t go out without a fight, the came very close to beating Complexity but a few mistakes were made along the way. Because of which Complexity won game 2 with a score of 16:14.

With a win in hand for both teams, it was now time for the final game. It was time for Dust2. A lot was riding on the shoulders of Complexity as they had to secure this win if they wanted to remain in the tournament, and well their performance during the first half showed just that. They were giving it their all, and in the end, won the first half with a score of 6:9. The second half is where things started to turn around for them, Heretic made a massive comeback, bringing to the game to a tie.

After the tie, the game went into overtime, and this is where it all went downhill for Complexity. Team Heretics’ Maka was just unstoppable. He destroyed Complexity with a score of 46 kills alone. Heretics won the game with a final score of 22:18, securing themselves another win in the tournament and continuing their undefeated streak.

That is it for now but be sure to check back later as we are going to be bringing you more updates in the days to come. Until then, comment below and let us know what you think of the matchup between Team heretics and Complexity. Do you think it was a fair fight?

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