ESL One: Road to Rio – Astralis vs. Vitality

After the first two match-ups, it was now time to head for the third game of the day, the one between the Danish esports team, Astralis, and the French esports organization, Team Vitality. Both of which have some of the biggest names in the CSGO community playing their roster. As a result, a highly anticipated match of the evening.

The matchup started with the initial voting round, where we saw Vitality roll out Train and Vertigo, while Astralis choose to remove Overpass and Mirage. In the end, the maps that were chosen were Dust2, Nuke, and finally, Inferno.

After the end of this round and a brief break, the 10 players took to their seats to kick off the very first game of the match-up, Dust 2. The game took off with Team Vitality claiming the first two rounds. However, it was after the second round where things started to go downhill for the French boys. Astralis destroyed Vitality in the first of the three matches, winning it by a score of 16:7.

After what we saw in the first game, viewers assumed that Vitality is going to bounce back. This is because, in the previous matchups that were held on the same day, similar things happened. Well, that trend was about to change.

Team Vitality and Astralis went up against each other once again in the second game of the day, Nuke. Both teams seemed confident heading into the game but my oh my, what happened next was pure domination. Astralis completely wiped the floor with Vitality, beating them with a final score of 16:5. And well, that was it for the French team.

After the results of this match-up, Team Vitality lost its second game of the tournament while Astralis succeeded in gaining three additional points for themselves.

Want more? Well, stay tuned as we are going to be bringing you more recaps of the matches to come. However, will you wait, comment below and let us know what you think of the match between Astralis and Team Vitality. Do you think Team Vitality played to the best of their abilities?

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