ESL One: Road to Rio – DIG vs. Fnatic

While NiP and ENCE were battling it out for the win, another game was set to take place, one between Dignitas and Fnatic. Two of the biggest names in the world of esports. However, even though both these teams are filled with some of the best players in the industry, their track records in this tournament haven’t been that great.

It is because of this, this match-up was so important as it would give one team an advantage of 3 points over the other. So, the voting stage ending with the two teams deciding on Train, Overpass, and Dust 2. And when, from there on out it was just mayhem. Both teams were out for blood and it showed. They were playing the best games of their lives.

On Train, we saw an 8:7 switch with Fnatic leading but in the second half, Dignitas made a comeback and tied the score at 15:15. And you know that means, it was time for overtime. Both teams went all out but it was Fnatic which came out on top, with a final score of 17:19.

Game 2, was a little different. The first four rounds, it was all Dignitas. They were killing Fnatic players left right and center. But that soon came to end when Fanatic found its grip. Fnatic ended the first half with a final score of 6:9 in their favor. It was now time for the second half and we honestly don’t know what happened during the pep talk but Dignitas came out that half with a bang.

They tied up with Fnatic at 15:15 bringing themselves to another overtime. However, this time things were a little different. Fnatic wanted to end the game right there but Dignitas kept on fighting back and well, their hard work paid off. They won the matchup, after a brutal fight, with a final score of 25:22.

It was now time for the third and final game, the decider. And well, we don’t have to tell you what the atmosphere was like. It’s pretty obvious. Both teams showcased amazing skills. During the first few rounds, it was one win for Dignitas, one for Fnatic. It was that close but there came a point where it seemed Dignitas has figured the opponent out.

They took round after round after round, bringing the final score of the first half at 10:5. It was now or never for Fnatic, and well, they seemed to know that too as the out of the first 5 rounds, Fnatic managed to get 4 wins. Everyone thought they would make a comeback but after that incredible run, they just lost their footing. And Dignitas, well, they capitalized on it. Fnatic lost to Dignitas with a final score of 16:14.

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